Saturday, April 18, 2009

the long awaited quilt - I hope your expectations aren't too high!

My house has NO natural light! And I'm beginning to figure out that we have apparently not added enough artificial light, because I feel like all my pictures are turning out super dark. Well, no light and an old camera didn't help anything! So please forgive me for the quality of these pictures. That's right, I'm finally sharing it with you. Now I'm just worried that I talked it up too much and it won't be as wonderful as you are expecting! ha!

I haven't been quilting long, so there are tons of things I still have to learn. On this one I did several things that I've never done before. I used a pieced back. I used a pieced binding. And I used a different batting then I've used previously. I really like the way it all came together. It is a little bit smaller than I thought it was going to turn out (31.5" x 43.5"), but its still a great size for youngins!

the front... the colors are much brighter in person, we really have no light in our house! The fabric is Paula Prass - Flights of Fancy

the back... I'm really liking all the white! Don't pay attention to the fact that the strip of fabric from the front is not straight!

folded up. It has a really nice drape and folds up so pretty!

So now I'm off to clean all the clutter off of the dinning room table so that I can get the sewing machine out and get to work on my next project. I've got one project already cut. I just need to sew it up. And then I got more fabric last week for my next project. Ready, Set, GO!

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