Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami

I bring you the bumble jumble of my brain...
  • Confession time: we are a paper-plate family. I know this does not jive with the current, super green, environmental trend. I don't care. My least favorite chore is washing dishes. LEAST! I'm terrible at keeping up with it and it is the norm for there to be dirty dishes in my sink. But the last time we ran out of paper plates I didn't buy any more. And even though I now have more dishes to do than before, I'm oddly keeping up with it better. Crazy! (This could & probably will change at any moment!)
  • My 3 year old will do a lot of work for a quarter. I may need to consult my local child labor laws soon! ;)
  • I've been avoiding the dentist even though I know that I'll actually feel better if I just go!!
  • I have mini-van envy. I want one. I'm a dork & I know it!
  • Back to school sales should not start in July when the kids have only been out of school a couple weeks and they don't have to go back until September!!
  • I love the region I live in! There is a HUGE military presence. We can be at the beach in 20 minutes and in the mountains in 2 hours. There are major cities with lots to do within 2 hours in any direction. But I can be in the middle of a cornfield, driving down a dirt road in 30 minutes. It's pretty  much the best of all worlds.


  1. We use styrofoam bad for the environment I know but just easier and my husband hates paper plates.

  2. Great list of fragments this week--we use paper plates all the time too so don't feel bad. Too bad we don't have a child laborer, only furbabies who do not know the meaning of work. I always avoid the dentist unless I get a toothache. Mini-vans are nice--I like them too! We agree about the back-to-school sales--it's crazy starting them in July! Sounds like a great place to live!

  3. Why did you have to remind me that I have to go to the dentist? I've been doing such a good job of avoiding it.

  4. I think paper plates are my best friend, especially at a big family function and I'm from a huge family!

    Totally agree about the back to school sales even though I haven't had school age kids for years.