Monday, July 8, 2013

Chronicles of Caroline

We were an hour and a half into nap time and I had been listening to Caroline quietly talking, singing, reading and playing the entire time. She's 3, so not taking an actual nap, but just resting instead wasn't a huge deal. She got quiet though and I thought that she may have finally given up and fallen asleep.

All of the sudden, in a panicked voice, I hear "I'M DONE SLEEPING MOM!"

Going in her room I see...
She had been trying to get her piggy bank and it was seconds from falling, so I saved that first and then told her not to move while I got the camera!
Things to note:
  • She has never attempted to climb out of her crib before - hence the reason we haven't moved her out yet, but apparently we're about to get a big girl bed.
  • I'm even thinking of a whole room re-organization so this doesn't happen again.
  • She went to bed in just underwear and now has on only a shirt.
  • I found 7 plastic Easter eggs in her bed that weren't there before.
  • She took off her headband and put it away (behind the door - out of frame on the left) and picked out 5 bows instead.
  • Her lamp and baskets are not usually arranged up there like that - her own decorative work!
This girl keeps me on my toes and I love her for it! 

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