Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fragments

Pregnancy brain means that my whole thought process is in fragments these days.  My poor husband can barely keep up in a conversation with me because I switch topics frequently and randomly.  I'll lay it out with bullets so that it's easier for you to keep up!!
  • I'm a dream target for obvious, over the top, advertising ploys.  I can be talked into buying almost anything.  Infomercials could be a disaster for my budget!  And if you give me a coupon I'll most certainly run out and buy things that I don't need, don't want, and probably cant use.
  • I find it very awkward when I find the neighbors' mail in my mail box.  Sadly, it happens about once a week around here.  Makes me wonder how much of my mail is ending up somewhere around the neighborhood. 
  • I decided to rearrange our living room (mostly the kid clutter) while hubby was at work and he came home right in the middle of the "it-has-to-get-worse-before-it-can-get-better" phase.  Luckily he understands me enough to know that it was time for him to take the little one and play in another room till I was done.  It looks much better now by the way!
  • I have fallen WAY behind on my picture taking.  My project 365 is in a sad state for the last 10-12 weeks.  I'm sad about all the opportunities I've missed to document my Scoot's life during that time.
  • I think I'm ready to leave Scoot over night for the first time.  Now I just need to find a time and some funds to plan a little weekend getaway for me and hubby! 
  • Naming a baby is seriously the hardest thing in the world for me to do.  Good thing babies take 40 weeks to cook, because there is no way we will have chosen and agreed on a name any sooner than that!
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  1. Thank you for sharing your fragments with us. I love the name of your blog and look forward to getting to know you. Do you know what you are having??
    Have a positive and powerful week:)