Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Weekend Fun

On Saturday we went to a Harvest Festival at a local farm.  During the day they had a petting zoo, a hayride, carnival rides, carnival food, and a pumpkin patch.  After dark they change the whole place into a haunted farm. There were SOOOO many people there that we only did the petting zoo.  It was the first petting zoo we've been to where you actually get IN the pen with most of the animals.  Scoot thought this was heaven on earth.  This girl squeals with delight whenever she's close enough to touch the animals.  Surprisingly, most of the animals were not alarmed by her at all and kept coming back for more.  She was one happy cookie!
This was her favorite goat and she followed him (her?) around and ignored most of the other goats.
The chicken coop was CRAZY!  They actually allow you to pick up the chickens, and the chickens don't seem to mind.  These guys made Scoot squeal, but she didn't really want to touch them.
When she found the sheep she actually talked to it.  "baa baa baa"

Since we didn't get a pumpkin at the festival due to all the people, on Sunday we visited the church in our back yard that has a pumpkin patch every year.  We've gotten our pumpkins from them for the last 4 years.  But this year they had the biggest pumpkins I've ever seen for sale.  I was afraid they'd  have fewer or smaller pumpkins this year due to Hurricane Irene and T.S. Lee, but they were fully stocked. 

Little miss independent would rather help push the stroller than ride.  It actually worked out really well this time because then we had plenty of room to haul pumpkins. 

Scoot playing peek-a-boo with Daddy and showing off our family of pumpkins.  One for Daddy, Mommy, Scoot, and baby Roo  :)

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  1. She is a doll! We tried taking Landon to our local pumpkin patch and it was closed! :( The crop didn't survive our MO summer. It was a bummer! We are going to try another one that we know of though. Thanks for sharing your pics!