Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Checking in

I feel terrible for being absent for so long. I'm being consumed by school stuff and pretty much have nothing else to talk about at this point. And I'm not so naive as to think that you'd like that! So I'll just share a couple of things and then go make comments on my progress reports.

*Several kiddos in my class have H1N1 and I've become the evil carrier monkey and delivered it to my husband with no more than a stuffy nose for myself (as of right now, but it could change!)

*We took EVERYTHING out of our attic last night so that we could get insulation sprayed up there today. Then they called {a full hour before they were suppose to show up} and said they had "no available technicians to perform our service." Great! Now my dinning room looks like this...

And it has to stay that way until Saturday or whenever hubby feels well enough to put the stuff back.

This mess is just adding to the stress that is building since I haven't had time to sew in 3 weeks. And now, I couldn't even if I wanted to. My sewing space is the dinning room table. HA!


  1. We had a similar situation when getting carpet put in. All our furniture in one room and they didn't show. Argh.

    Stay healthy!

  2. YOur husband really has the swineflu?! Scary!