Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hubby gets the hint!

If at first your hubby doesn't respond... ask, ask again!

Friday Aaron had donuts at work and came home and told me all about how delicious they were. I mentioned we should get some donuts over the weekend.

Saturday Aaron went out with his friends. The event they were at gave out free donuts at one of the booths they visited. I *gently* reminded him that I wanted a donut too!

Sunday we drove by the Krispy Kreme but the hot sign wasn't on. I sighed heavily and batted my eyelashes while asking Aaron to drive back by on the way home from church. BUT we came home a different way.

Monday I walked into the teachers lounge and found and EMPTY box of donuts on the table. Oh the torture! I texted Aaron and told him of my hardships!

Tuesday I made clear during breakfast that I didn't even need REAL donuts... donut holes or munchkins would do the trick too!

Ladies, I'm here to tell you that guys may be slow, but give them enough hints and they eventually come through... even if it's just to get you to "zip it about the donuts already!"

Thanks baby! They are just what I wanted! :)

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  1. Ok the donut story is hilarious! Sometimes men can be so dense (ok maybe just not as observant as we are)!!!