Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

* I know no where else that I could come and admit that at lunch today we had a HILARIOUS conversation about old man balls! It's definately one of those "had to be there" moments, but let me assure you that I laughed so hard that I'm positive I burned enough calories to have a peice of cake with dinner!

* One of my co-workers is sick with the flu and I've taken her 2nd grade son home this week. Whenever he came in my Kindergarten class at the end of the day, my little girls just went ga-ga over him. Adorable!

* In a teacher's manual I'm using with some 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders after school, there was an actual example using Budweiser as the answer. Seriously?

*Aaron got creative the other night in his request for dinner. I was napping on the couch and it was almost dinner time, for the dogs and the people. Aaron would usually just feed the dogs when he sees them getting all worked up about it being dinner time, but he decided to let them nuddge me, whine, and pace so that I would get woken up. He figured that if I woke up to feed them, I'd feed him too. Think again, buddy!

*On Twitter I follow people who I've met through blog land and some celebrities, but only the ones who do their own tweeting. Blake Shelton is a favorite of mine because he's not trying to sugar coat anything. I can truely imagine him being just like this in real life, and if I'm going to stalk a celebrity, I want them to keep it real! HA But it's a little sad that I've made it a goal to get him to respond to one of my tweets! COME ON BLAKE, make my dreams come true!


  1. Brad Paisley is one of my favorite twitter follows..... he makes me laugh every day!

  2. Blake Shelton is a crack-up. Definitely no political correctness from that guy.