Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday! MckMama is the creator behind this bloggy carnival, so be sure to stop by and visit her and all the rest of the folks who linked up to MckLinky to share their own Not Me Monday adventures.

I did NOT become an "evil carrier monkey" and make my hubby sick.

I did NOT feel compassion for about... 4 days. Then I did NOT become my normal "suck it up" self and demand that he take me to a concert that I bought tickets for 4 months ago. To be fair, his fever had NOT been down for 24 hours and he did NOT say that he wanted to go.

Good thing it was NOT a concert on the water and it was NOT very windy & cold. Otherwise Aaron might be going to the doctor tomorrow to see why he is coughing and his chest hurts.

The light in our kitchen burnt out and I did NOT briefly consider leaving it dark in there and see how long I could get away without cooking/washing dishes.

That event did NOT leave me pondering why our dryer does have a light and our washer does not. I did NOT feel like a fool when my husband pointed out that the washer fills up with WATER!

I'm so glad we could all come here to be honest today! Now head over here and check out what everyone else has NOT been up to this week.

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