Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Our newest foster got here last week. He is a one year old great dane. Wilson got kicked out of his home when his owner's pet friendly roommate moved out and her mom moved in instead. The owner's mom thinks that dogs belong outside and never in the house. She called him "devil dog" (and not in the funny, joking way that my husband calls our dogs names, but in the serious/annoyed way). Having Wilson there was causing a lot of tension and arguments in the household. The problem was that his owner needed her mom to move in with her in order to pay the mortgage after her roommate moved out. I can tell his owner really loved him though. She took good care of him and even took him to the vet and updated everything to the tune of $200 before she turned him over to rescue. (Big dogs sure are expensive!) Most folks don't care enough to do that and all the updates become an added expense for the rescue.

Wilson is a sweet boy, who like all puppies is a little rowdy at times. He loves toys and can play with them all by himself. He doesn't even need you to throw them or play tug with him. He was hit by a car in December and has some kinks in his back leg. He can still run and play but when he lays down he sticks that leg out straight instead of curling it around. He does like to bark at almost everything, but we're working on that! Wilson gets along great with my girls and loves having playmates.

Without further ado... here he is...

a stolen moment on the favored dog bed... Clover and Dolly Llama must have been busy elsewhere.

he's sucking on his blanket/bed here. pretty darn cute! :)

See his back leg kicked out? That's the one he had lots of surgery on. It sure doesn't slow him down while he's playing though!

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