Sunday, May 24, 2009


We had our 3rd Sunday in a row of Baptisms today. First it was a group full of confirmands, some of who needed to be baptised before they could officially join the church. Next up, a 6 month old little boy. And today a 7 month old little girl. (We've had quite the baby boom at our church over the last year.)

I love seeing the families stand up with these little babies and commit to raising them in Christian love. The parent's are so proud and full of hope and love. The pastor walks the baby down the aisle and up to the choir so that we can all welcome this little person into our congregation. While the pastor and the baby take a stroll we all sing "Jesus Loves Me." Its a sweet moment and I ALWAYS tear up.

These last two baptisms have made me even more emotional because I had already planned when we would have our baby Spud baptised.

Today at the end of the service we sang, "God Will Take Care of You" and I found a lot of comfort in the lyrics, the reminder that I'm not alone, and that God certainly has a plan for my life.

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