Friday, May 29, 2009

May Concert Recap

Since we're going to another concert tonight, I figured I better catch you up on the ones we went to at the beginning of May. Yes, yes, yes I'm a little behind in that department.

First up, on Thursday May 7th we went to a Little Big Town concert. Every year our local country station participates in Country Cares. Country radio stations and musicians team up to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. This year, as a bonus to all who signed up to be Partners in Hope on our radio station, Little Big Town agreed to perform an intimate concert. There were probably less than 150 peeps there and I'm thinking it was because it was a Thursday night. We actually got front row seats for the concert and then a meet & greet afterward. It was amazing! I love it when artists sound the same in person as they do on their CD and the radio. That tells me they are the real deal!
hubby took this picture and we shook hands and talked to all of them. they are so nice!!!

they played more than was on the list. there were lots of requests and they were happy to oblige.

Then on Friday May 8th we went back to the same place to see Jason Michael Carroll. He has a deeper voice in person than on the radio and he is HILARIOUS! He told a bunch of stories and was a really personable guy. For his last song he brought his 4 year old son up on stage with him to sing. Through the whole thing he talked about his kids and it was obvious how much he adores them and then when the little guy came up to sing my heart just melted. Jason obviously is over the moon for this kid. And he was super cute! There were a few more folks at this concert, but still less than 250. We got to meet Jason afterwards and he signed a CD and hubby's ticket. We were the last ones in the autograph line so he talked to us for about 10 minutes! Very cool guy! I just kinda wish he'd cut his hair....

Tonight we're off to see Zach Brown Band and Gary Allan. We don't get to meet anybody, but the concert is ON the beach. I'm talking about I'll be sitting in the sand with the waves rolling up listening to awesome music. I can't wait! I've packed our picnic dinner, our blanket and beach chairs are in the car and we're off!

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