Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project Life Tuesday 2/18- 2/24

**I'm a day late, but Blogger wouldn't let me upload any pictures yesterday. Better late than never!**
It's been awhile since I did a Project Life post - over a year. But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing my album! In fact, for the first year EVER, I finished my 2012 album!! All pictures & all journaling were DONE by the second week of January 2013. I am super proud!
This layout is for Feb 18 - 24th. I do all my weeks Monday - Sunday to keep the weekends together. I usually wait and print 2 to 3 weeks of pictures at a time since I get them printed by Snapfish & it keeps my shipping costs down. I download all my weekly pictures off my camera on Sunday night each week so that I don't get behind & then its super easy to go back and pick the weeks I need to print. 
This year I am giving myself a lot more freedom. I'm not being as rigid about taking a picture every day and only using one picture a day. I'm also doing less journaling - most of my journaling cards descirbe more than one picture. I'm using washi tape & arrow stickers to break up the journaling and direct you to the right picture. This year I'm also using more inserts and a variety of page protectors from Becky Higgins.
 Here you can see the left side with the date card, the front of my 6x12 insert, and part of the right side.
 This is part of the left side, covered by the back of the 6x12 insert, and the entire right side page.

 A close up of the left side layout. I'm using the Seafoam kit this year.  This side has some daily pics of the kids & 1 picture I took of Caroline playing with glow sticks when the power went out one night.

 The front of the 6x12 insert. The insert -front and back- is dedicated to the quilt that I made for my nephew who is due in about 3 weeks.

 The back of the 6x12 insert. The back is all about the quilt in my nephew's crib. Just waiting for him to arrive and spend some tummy time hanging out on the quilt.

This is the right side layout. It's all about my sister's baby shower and then the kids & I spending the weekend at her house with my parents.

**Even though I'm late, I'm still linking up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday!**

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