Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beep And Pinket

Creating things feeds my soul. I feel like I've made a contribution to the world when I make things. I love being able to take a stack of fabric, skein or yarn, piece of paper or blank canvas and turn it into something unique that has never existed in that exact way before. I love being able to stretch my imagination by playing with colors, patterns, textures and designs.

This passion of mine leads to a big problem. My teeny tiny house is brimming with the products of my creative sessions. My family has more quilts and blankets than we will ever need. I've given away tons of things and most of my close friends and family are also now at capacity. It's time to find new homes for all my creations so that I can make room for all the new things I can make with my huge stash of fabric that sits and waits to become something fun.

A little over a week ago I started a facebook page to introduce all my friends to my hobbies. I'm kind of a closet crafter. Only problem - I haven't shared the page with anyone yet - except my hubby.  I've added pictures of some of my completed projects and made a couple of posts.  But like my hubby said, it is silly to keep posting if nobody "likes" my page yet because then I'm just talking to myself.

And I do that enough in person!! No need to get facebook involved!!

All this to say - if you are so inclined - would you please come over to Beep And Pinket on facebook and like my page? There are already quilts, crochet blankets, a banner and ruffle pants posted.  Tomorrow if the sunshine cooperates, I have some minky blankets and a BUNCH more banners to take pictures of and post. 

The plan is to also have an Etsy store with these items for sale.  I just need to get some pictures of the for sale stuff that will make people want to click through and look at them. 

In the mean time, if there is anything sewing related that you are looking for, please leave me a comment or facebook message! I love the creative challenge of making something special specifically for someone else. I'd love to chat and see if I can make what you are looking for!!

Thanks for letting me shamelessly self-promote! I really appreciate any and all support!!!

****And here's to being brave and sharing the page with my friends! I'm sure they'll all be as supportive as the "strangers" who read my blog!! ;) ****

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