Monday, August 13, 2012

pink painted flower box

A brand new Michael's craft store opened 2 miles from my house last week.  I'm in big trouble now with all that crafty goodness so close at hand!  It didn't help that on my maiden voyage to the new store I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon!

I got a bunch of random supplies for various projects I want to try.  And as a spur of the moment purchase I bought a little wooden box shaped like a flower for $1.  At Bible school earlier in the summer Scoot painted a little wooden bird house and she has played with it constantly.  She even has a little toy bird that she puts in there to go "nighnight." Its adorable.  And this girl seriously loves any kind of bag/box/purse that she can put treasures in. 

So today was the day that I decided to be brave and get out the paint.  Scoot has never painted with me before so I didn't know exactly how messy to expect it to get.  At first she was upset that the paint was getting on her hands and arms, but once she got over that, she went to town with that paint! She LOVED it!  Long after the box was as covered as it was going to get she was asking for more paint.  I must say that her box turned out pretty cute too.  I hope she has tons of fun playing with it and storing all her precious treasures in there!

A few tips on painting with a toddler...
*Contain the mess! - I put her in her high chair to paint and it worked perfectly!
*Limit color choices - She was just as interested in mixing the paint on her plate as she was putting the paint on the box.  We used 4 shades of pink and even though she mixed them all together, it turned out beautiful.  If I had given her 4 different colors and she mixed them all together it would have turned into a muddy brown color. 
*Strip 'em down! - She did get paint on her arms and belly which was fine since I had taken her shirt off before we started.  A paint smock would have worked too, but it was just as easy to take the clothes off at home.

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