Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hubby's To-Do List is Getting Longer

Growing up we had exactly 4 TV channels that came in clearly enough to be able to follow a 30 minute show from beginning to end. My sister and I spent summer days watching movies while my parents were at work. I knew nothing different until I went to college. My dorm room, and later my apartments, came with cable. And suddenly there was too much information at my disposal. Too many choices. Luckily I moved back home before I became a permanent couch potato. Then Aaron and I got married and could not afford an expensive cable bill on top of a mortgage, car payment, student loans, and necessary bills.

Now apparently, we've come into huge riches. Since we were changing internet providers, we decided to go ahead and *save* lots of money by bundling services. We got home phone (which we NEVER use), internet, and CABLE. I won't mention that the *deal* we got by bundling all these services could have been even better by ONLY getting internet!

So while I'm nursing and cuddling my little Scoot I have 400 channels to entertain me. More often than not, my remote lands on HGTV. And Aaron is not happy at all! Since watching HGTV I've gotten ideas for how I want to redecorate our master bed room (I even went so far as to find the fabric to make a new quilt), overhaul our bathroom, completely gut our kitchen (this one may involve removing part of a wall!) and sprucing up our front yard.

We have no money or time to do any of this, but it sure is fun to dream! I probably will make that quilt - which will clash terribly with our sage green walls - but at least I'll be able to justify all the time I've spent glued to these home improvement shows this summer!

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