Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caroline's 15 month stats

I should have been doing this after all her checkups just to keep track of how she's growing, but better late than never!  (All the pictures are from my phone and the main subject never sits still - please excuse the quality!)

Just before we left for the doctor yesterday Scoot pulled my water bottle down off the table and gave herself a giant bruise on her forehead.  Add that to the black eye she has from running into the side of a chair and I'm surprised they didn't question me for child abuse!  Bruises are part of the package though when your kid is half monkey - half clumsy.  See what I mean?!

On to the stats:
  • 23lbs 2 1/2 oz. 
  • 31 inches tall
  • words she signs : more, all done, milk, juice, please, thank you, eat, help
  • words she says: dada, mama, pop (for my dad), up, all done, thank you, bye bye, night night, apple, ball, dog
  • she eats any and all fruits, but is "taking a break" from eating any veggies.  meat is also on her "maybe, maybe not" list, but she's always up for crackers.
  • she doesn't like to drink milk at all!  and she prefers for her juice cup to be full all the time, if it gets to halfway she signs "more"
  • she's obsessed with elmo, even though we never watch elmo.  the new rock-n-roll elmo commercials & target displays get rock star reactions from her!
  • she just learned how to get on the couch by herself.  nothing is safe!
  • she loves her "bank" and sleeps with it all the time.  i'm thinking of making a smaller, travel size blanket just to have as back up.
  • she sucks her thumb when she is tired, but ONLY when she is holding bank.
  • favorite toys: my cell phone, the remote, shoes, DVD cases, balls, crayons, books & her baby. 
  • she's going to be a GREAT big sister in March!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! She is going to be an awesome big sister. What wonderful news. So happy for your family!!!!