Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Life Tuesday 2 for 1

I completely missed last weeks Project Life Tuesday, so this week I'm doing a 2 for 1. This week is up first.

Monday January 31, 2011
Is there a 12 step program for moms who go way overboard with little girl hair accessories? Aaron sure thinks I need one!! But my little hair challenged baby girl *NEEDS* all these bows and flowers so that I don't get those annoying "what a cute little guy" comments.
Monday February 1, 2011
I miss my little Scoot soooo much during the day while I'm at school. When I get home I need a little snuggle time to make my whole day better! So glad my little munchkin is so willing to oblige my snuggles and smooches!
Wednesday February 2, 2011
The weather today was beautiful so I convinced Aaron to go on a walk with me and Scoot. We put the stroller away when we finished the walk and Scoot was obsessed with her reflection in the dirty car window!
Thursday February 3, 2011
Happy baby surrounded by her toys and working on getting those socks off!
Friday February 4, 2011
Scoot's first time using a straw. We got her a sippy cup with a straw but she really did not understand how to get the water into her mouth. She loved drinking water through the straw this way though!!
Saturday February 5, 2011
Scoot pulled herself up between my legs to check out the project life book from 2010. I'm still going back and filling in some of the journaling.
Sunday February 6, 2011
Aaron and Scoot in the midst of their relaxing Sunday afternoon between church and the superbowl.
*And now we take a time warp back a week*
Monday January 24, 2011
My tiny baby is getting so big so fast! When did she get big enough to sit on my shoulders?
Tuesday January 25, 2011
Washing bottles is a major part of my day. Bottles and pump parts must be washed 3 to 4 times a day. I love weekends when I can take the pumping and washing down to 2 times a day - max!! But it's all worth it for my baby girl!
Wednesday January 26, 2011
These little knit hats are a wonderful way for me to make something and feel a little crafty at the end of the day when I have no more brain power. These require no thinking/counting/pattern.
Thursday January 27, 2011
We've been trying to remember to take weekly pictures of Scoot on this little lamb blanket since she was 1 week old. It was much easier before she was mobile!!
Friday January 28, 2011
We've been "Partners in Hope" with St. Jude Children's Hospital for several years now, and it has only gotten closer to my heart now that Scoot is here. I'm so glad there is a place like St. Jude to take care of these families who are facing a tough road. Our local radio station is gearing up for their annual St. Jude radiothon and I got my newsletter in the mail today.
Saturday January 29, 2011
We met my mom and dad at Red Robin to celebrate mom's birthday with burgers and singing! Scoot LOVED every time she heard them singing (there were a LOT of folks celebrating birthdays there tonight) and she never took her eyes off them while they sang to my mom.
Sunday January 30, 2011
Scoot moved up to her big girl car seat today. Her little tootsies were hanging out of the infant seat and I was always afraid I was going to bang them into the door frame while taking the carrier in and out. She already seems to be much more comfortable in this bigger seat. She's growing tooooo fast!!
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  1. Great post! Love all of your pics. Taking pics of mobile children is much more difficult. It doesn't get easier even when you can reason with them. :) Have a fabulous week!