Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Life Tuesday 1.17.11 - 1.23.11

Project Life Week 3! I am so excited about this whole thing!
*So far I'm caught up on all my pictures and journaling for this year!
*Project Life is reminding me to get my camera out daily and take pictures of any and everything. Some days it is really hard to pick which picture to highlight from the day! I love the habit that I'm getting into of having my camera everywhere I go AND remembering to use it!
*I'm trying extra hard to make sure that I have pictures with me IN them. I want Scoot to have proof that I was around when she's looking back on these books in 10, 2o, or 30 years! I'm not just the one behind the camera. Who cares that I haven't lost the baby weight or that my hair wasn't perfect?!
*These pictures are of our real life - there's clutter! and dust! and sometimes we wear pjs ALL day!
I'm linking up with Jessica over at The Mom Creative for her Project Life Tuesday fun. Come see how a bunch of other folks are using their Project Life kits and be inspired!

Monday January 17, 2011
Scoot pulled herself up on this box of diapers that we just had cluttering up our living room after Lollie and Pop very generously gave them to us yesterday. This time she stayed upright long enough to pose for a photo shoot. Thank goodness for Martin Luther King Jr. day and my day off so that I could be home to see her milestones!
Tuesday January 18, 2011
Scoot was having a rough night *staying* asleep. Daddy has the right stuff though! Stretched out on Daddy's chest with her blanket and she was out for a couple more hours. Daddy got in a nice little nap too!
Wednesday January 19, 2011
Mommy was checking facebook when Scoot decided to get in on some of the action! It's crazy to think how far technology has come since I was her age and I can't even imagine where it will go by the time she is a grown up! This picture will probably be laughable by the time she's ready for college, just like 3.5in floppy disks are now!
Thursday January 20, 2011
A 50's housewife? Nope, no heels or apron here. Just getting some chores done before we went out to eat with friends and Lollie came over to stay with Scoot.
Friday January 21, 2011
In an effort to not eat out as often I put a monthly menu on the fridge. It's also been a fantastic tool to help Aaron help me. He can see what's for dinner and get it started or even make the whole thing while I'm otherwise engaged with a certain nursing baby!
Saturday January 22, 2011
We found this Leap Frog table at a consignment shop for $18. It's in perfect condition. Aaron says it's not a deal unless we know how much we saved. He checked Walmart and Target to find out they are asking $49.99 for it new. And check out those standing skills!
Sunday January 23, 2011
We are only eating out if we have a gift card or our parents call us for a grandbaby fix. Coxie called for her fix tonight and we were thrilled to get a nice dinner at Smokey Bones. Scoot was fantastic while we ate and very social after we finished. She especially loved eating her shoes! Aaron and Grandaddy were just glad that the football games were on all the TVs.


  1. Looks like a busy week, and your daughter is just precious.


  2. wonderful photo memories.. I remember having my son and daughter sleeping on daddy's chest and back.. it is a wonderful memory to capture and look back on. hope she is feeling better and getting some needed sleep. wonderful week.

  3. precious the one of Scoot sleeping on daddy's chest and you vacuuming with baby in tow...priceless.

  4. oooh we had that standing Leap Frog toy...memories. I love the vacuuming shot..real life baby! :) Happy Project Life!