Saturday, January 2, 2010

looking ahead in 2010

It's been almost 2 months, but my internet service is FINALLY cooperating! Looks like we're going to eventually have to switch providers because I absolutely can not stand to pay for the internet every month if it's not even going to work!

I've missed keeping up with everyone and I'm going to do my best to go through my 1,000+ unread posts in my reader. It'll probably take a while, and I can't promise to comment on all (or more realistically - any) of them, but at least I'll be caught up on your lives. Now that the internet is kinda back, I'll be much better about reading and commenting in a timely manner!

With that little bit of housekeeping out of the way, there's been something I've been dying to get back here and tell you!

In June I'm going to be a mommy!
I'm terribly sorry for shouting, but we could not be more excited! I'm being seen by my regular OB and a high risk doctor and have a more appointments than an average pregnant woman would, and so far everything looks great. Being seen so often provides a lot of reassurance that I've very thankful for!
There will obviously be some baby talk to come, but I do not intend to turn my blog into a one track ramble. I am very sensitive to my friends who are struggling and wanting so badly to make the same announcement. I pray every night for you!
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that you are already enjoying the New Year! I can't believe that it is already 2010. Wasn't it just a minute ago that everyone was worrying about what would happen in 2000?
I'll be back soon with more catch-up-updates, probably in a long bullet style post. For now, I'm off to enjoy the last 24 hours of this lovely break before heading back to work on Monday.


  1. Amanda - congratulations my sweet sister in CHrist! I am so excited for you and pray that the Lord will keep His hand upon you and little baby!

    My oldest daughter is due with #4 in June also!

    Love to you tonight,

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!
    I am so thrilled to hear that news! Oh I remember that feeling..I am so happy for you!
    2010 is starting our great!

  3. Amanda - that is such wonderful news!!!!!! I haven't announced to the blog world yet...but we are expecting in August!!!!! I am 9 weeks today! This is just such great news and it is going to be a big year for both of us!!!!!!

    So glad you are back!!!