Friday, January 10, 2014

Finish it Up Friday - Matchy Sister Quilts

A friend of mine is expecting her second daughter. She ask me to make her girls matchy but not identical quilts using her favorite colors - pink, yellow, teal & green. I used the same pattern for both quilts and almost all the same fabrics. She wanted to be able to tell the quilts apart at just a glance and for them to have some sort of distinctive feature. So after talking about the options she decided she wanted to use one different focus fabric in each quilt - different animals. One quilt has yellow elephants and the other has pink whales. I also used pink binding on one and teal binding on the other to make them extra easy to tell apart without having to look for the animals.  
I think they turned out adorable and I hope she loves them as much as I do! I'm interested to see which one big sister E picks to be hers and which one she passes on to baby sis. 
The best side by side I could get in my living room. This was before they were washed. After the wash they both got super soft and crinkly, making them even better! I did straight line quilting on both quilts that outlines the 6 inch squares. I like this amount of quilting on quilts for kids. They have a nice drape and snuggly-ness. They both finished at 43 x 55 inches. I must admit that I was a little impressed with myself that they actually finished at the exact same size (even though that is totally what was suppose to happen since they are the same pattern/blocks/fabric/etc)!!!

pink whales with teal binding

close up of the pink whales

I pieced the back on both quilts and just like the front - they look the same but with different fabric placement.

Close up of the back. I didn't have enough of this adorable (and perfect color match!) bird fabric to add it to the front of the quilts, so I think it makes the back more interesting and special.

yellow elephants with pink binding

close up of the yellow elephants

The back of the second quilt - almost the same as the first.

Both quilts folded side by side.
I'm linking up with Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. Sweet girly quilts and I am in love with the pattern you chose!

  2. At first I thought these were for twins. How sweet that they are for big sis and baby. You did a great job!