Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday Fragments

I've been honing my super power of thinking in fragments lately. Luckily I have a wonderful place to keep track of them all and then share them with the world. Half-Past Kissing Time has got insider info on all the folks with this particular super power so I'm linking up there!

  • Boys and girls are so different! Obviously I knew this before, but having one of each has really driven the point home for me. Caroline got a doll house for her birthday and she loves to set up the furniture, fix dinner and put the family to bed - normal doll house stuff. Nathan also loves the doll house! But he uses the roof as a ramp to launch his cars across the room! Love 'em!!

  • Just hanging in my living room I happen to look out the front window and see 2 cops following a bloodhound through my yard, to the neighbors yard, down the road behind my house and circle back around to our circle. They were here sniffing around for a good 15 minutes. For someone who likes to be in the know - this made me pretty nervous! Found out later that 2 people were robbed at gun point one street over 4 days ago. No bueno!!!

  • I just finished buying all of Caroline's very first school supplies. She is soooo excited about school. And I looooove school supplies and back to school everything. But this was bittersweet indeed. How can my tiny girl be old enough to go to preschool?! Kindergarten is going to be a hard one for this mom!

  • Pintrest is great and I spend a lot of time dreaming about all the things I could decorate, make, eat & wear. But I discovered something this week. It is even more fantastic if you actually DO some of the stuff you pin!!! I made 5 different pintrest recipes this week! 1 breakfast, 3 dinners and 1 dessert.  I'm blown away with this revelation!!  Game changer for me and the way I actually use pintrest!

  • Nathan lost a shoe during our vacation a month ago. I still have the other one. It's not like I'm going to drive 4 hours to go back and search for the missing one again. It's not like he can only wear the right one. It's not like I'm going to go to the crocs store and they are going to say, "Why yes! We do have an extra size 5 left shoe. Here ya go!" But I just cant throw it away. It seems like a waste. I have hoarder problems!

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. I am a pinterest person too and have found some serious recipe love there. I don't have the time for some of the fun project type things, so someday...

    I have boys and a girl, and aren't they so different in some fun ways?? My poor daughter had her doll destroyed during an epic battle. It was a rough day here :-(

    Very cute background!!

  2. I'm not a crafty chick but I have made quite a few Pinterest recipes! Love it.
    The robbery is scary stuff, be careful.

  3. My kids are the same way. They will play with the same toy but in such different ways!
    I love Pinterest too but never actually doing the things I pin -- LOL!
    My daughter used to lose one shoe all the time -- including in San Francisco.
    Happy FF!

  4. Wow! So, not only did we have similar Fragments this week but I also have saved just one lone Croc! They were my son's favorite and I got an identical new pair to replace them and I guess I thought I'd have a "spare" if he lost one again, 'course knowing our luck he'd lose the right one again and then I'd just be stuck with 2 left Crocs!