Friday, February 8, 2013

Conversations with Caroline

Multiple times a day I am reminded that Caroline is hilarious!

Tonight we were trying to decide what we were going to have for dinner. I have a long established aversion to cooking on Friday nights.  Aaron and I had narrowed it down a pizza/pasta place, a mexican restaurant, or a burger place, but we just couldn't make a decision. 

Aaron decided to ask Caroline if she had a preference. He ask if she wanted pizza, pasta, tacos, or nuggets and put up one finger with each one - ending with 4 fingers out and his thumb still bent into his palm.  She walked over to him, bent all 4 fingers back down, lifted his thumb and said, "I want a biscuit!"

She had been telling me that she wanted a biscuit since lunch time and I had explained to her that I would make biscuits on Saturday morning for breakfast.  She decided to try her luck with Daddy and see if he could make her biscuit request a reality before the morning.

After she made her request for a biscuit she got the remote, turned the TV off, and turned the lights off. "Let's go in my car now." she said like if she hurried us out the door we wouldn't have time to decide on anything else and would be forced to get her a biscuit!

*For the record - we had mexican! :)

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