Friday, February 12, 2010

Wanted : A New Memory Chip

We walked into the grocery store with one goal: I needed supplies for the 'fun Friday' craft I was in charge of coordinating for 80 Kindergartners the next day. I had a list in my pocket.

The main ingredient of the snack was apples. In order to accommodate 80 kids I was going to need 20 + apples. Trying to do the division, multiplication, and addition to figure that out almost did me in! But we went straight to the produce section and found the apples in bags and picked out 4 bags that would get the job done.

Hubby and I took our heavy apples and trekked clear across the store to get bread. As we walked back toward the check- out Aaron asked if I needed anything else. Cutting my eyes up to look at the ceiling (because that's where the answers always are!) I think for a minute and say "I don't think so" and we find a checkout with no line.

About the time I lay all the apples down on the conveyor belt and the cashier starts to talk to me the gears in my brain start turning. In hyper drive I think 'apples are the MAIN ingredient - NOT the ONLY ingredient!' but the cashier is talking to me too and I hear her say "do you have any coupons?" to which I think 'when are there ever coupons for bread and apples?' but I answer "No, no coupons."

About this time Aaron gives me a weird looks and leans over me to answer the cashier's real question with "Plastic."

As Aaron pays and we start walking away he's asking me all kinds of questions which equate to "What in the WORLD is the matter with YOU!?"

I, of course, respond by laughing hysterically. Which earns me a more worried look. We are almost to the car by the time I am able to catch my breath and wipe away the tears that the laughter have brought on. Aaron opens the door and I put the apples in the car then reach in my pocket and take out the list.


We went back in to get the missing ingredients, but I did NOT go back through the same checkout line!

Then this morning I forgot the apple cutter at home, turned around 3/4 of the way to school to go back and get it. Got to work 30 minutes later than I wanted to. And STILL discovered that I had forgotten a gift for a co-worker.
Where can I get a new memory card?!?!

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